About Shipston Cycling Club

  • We are a Cycling Club covering the local area of Shipston on Stour Warwickshire.
  • We cater for Cyclists on Road bikes from beginner to experienced Sportive rider or Triathlete.
  • We organise rides around the local area.
  • We are affiliated to British Cycling
  • For Ride Rules and advice look at our  useful tips .
  • However if you need any more information please Contact Us.   

Sunday Bike Rides

  Date             Time                  Start                                Cafe                                 Distance       Route                          Leader             
  22nd Oct    9:30am   Shipston Leisure Centre       Cotswold Farm                34.4 miles     Route Details          Andy
                      (9:15)                                                                                                                                                          (TBC)

  29th Oct     9:30am   Shipston Leisure Centre       Blackminster                   36.5 miles     Route  Details          Andy
                      (9:15)                                                                                                                                                           (Pauline)

   5th Nov     9:30am   Shipston Leisure Centre       Broadway Tower            31.6 miles     Route Details           Andy  
                      (9:15)                                                                                                                                                           (Pauline)

  15th Oct     9:30am   Shipston Leisure Centre       Lighthorne                      40.9 miles     Route Details         Andy  
                      (9:15)                                                                                                                                                          (Pauline)


​​Sunday Ride Information


​​Last Sunday's Ride – There were 17 riders in 2 groups enjoying the pleasant weather.  We all met up at the cafe stop in Kineton for the all important socialising.
Meeting to discuss cycling holiday options Thursday 19th October - Alex and Paul have looked at 2 or 3 options for a Shipston CC cycling holiday in April or May next year and Chris has provided a fourth.  Dave and Tony have discussed a two week option in Mallorca
The options are:
1.  Mallorca (including option of taking part in the Mallorca 312 Sportive) and/or an extended stay up to two weeks.  If interested in doing the Mallorca 312 Sportive (3 distance options), then there is a package available.  See attached brochure from
Mellow Yellow .
2.  Spain in the Andalucian region.  Prices start from 540 Euro per week.  Various accommodation options are available.  Link to their website for more details:
3.  Italy. The Italy option is based about 40km East of Lake Garda and in foothills of the Dolomites, proving flat cycle routes to the south and hillier challenges to the north.  For more details visit the hotel website:
449€ for 6 nights/ 7 days full board in April. Cost includes:
3 guided tours
1 wine tasting 
Airport transfers

Click Here for Details

At this stage flights have not been looked into due to the current situation with a couple of airlines.
If you are interested in attending a meeting to discuss the options, then let Alex know.  Meeting will take place at the White Hart Inn in Newbold at 8pm Thursday 19th October

Team Kit – Update from Gary – Gary now has some samples in various sizes of the winter fabric long sleeve jersey (men’s and women’s pro fit - it does not come in unisex sport fit). He is also getting some gilet samples and is intending to have all these available for people to try on before the ride next Sunday from 9am onwards; this to cover the start times of both groups. If you are not intending to be on the ride next Sunday, but would like to potentially purchase a winter jersey and/or a gilet, then you will need to contact Gary ( garygristwood54@outlook.com ) to make arrangements to visit him by next Tuesday at home to look at/try on the kit. Regarding pricing, their is some great news in that our suppliers have just launched a winter kit promotion and there is an extra 25% off the winter fabric jerseys